Monday, 11 June 2012

Dystopian Wars 2nd Update

I played my second game of Dystopian Wars on Thursday 7th June, and came off with a loss, but my opponent was only left with one mid-sized flyer left. My opponent being another member of my local Dice and Decks Gaming Club, and he collects the French, with their skimming cruisers and heat cannons. The game went well to begin with, with the advantage being on my side, with frigates being picked off. Until my opponent rolled an amazing set of rolls that led to a critical hit and subsequent magazine explosion on my Ruler Class Battleship (This blog really needs more pictures of things to help illustrate! I apologise and will sort it soon!), this explosion took out the majority of my fleet which was using the battleship as a safety unit to protect them from the bigger units in the French force, this left me with one squadron of frigates and my Doncaster Bombers to continue the game with! 
All in all a good game, we found a few slight issues in the rules, such as lack of height levels for some weapons, and the way critical hits come about (not often on units large enough to be truly affected by them) and affect smaller ships (i.e they are destroyed outright before any actual results take effect on them).