Monday, 1 August 2016

July 2016 - New WW2 Bits

Hello again folks,

I have been busy lately painting and assembling more models, I have painted a new Waffen SS soldier in Pea Dot camouflage, this is due to a good performance during a game of Muzzle Flash. Here is a picture of the nearly finished model:

Additionally I have been painting more of my Germans as they are seeing more games at the moment.

I have also assembled and started to paint another Automated British Infantry from Clockwork Goblin Miniatures, I have several but was put off when I first got them by having trouble gluing the arms and weapon together whilst making sure it all fitted to the body. The first finished one was a gift at the start of the year at Dice and Decks as part of the annual miniature swap.

My latest major model is a Stuh 42 for my WW2 German forces, a 105mm howitzer mounted on a Stug III chassis. I am very pleased with how this vehicle has turned out, but I don't think of it as fully completed yet. I intend to add some camouflage netting to the gun and hull in small amounts to add some extra detail, the tank is shown in the picture above along with a painted squad of Germans.

As a friend commented during a game, my tanks look too "clean" and straight out off the production line for front-line vehicles.So I may start experimenting on some camouflage nets to help add a more gritty feel to the tanks and vehicles.

That's all for now folks...